Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NaNoWriMo Progress, Day 25

Holy cow, may I just say that doing anything for 25 days in a row could, perhaps, make you crazy? 

Besides the brownie interlude, I have successfully tap tapped my way to oh, about 44,000 words so far. I'm close enough to make it, but never has 6,000 words seemed like SO MANY.

Thank you for listening, again, to the whining. It will stop soon. Or it may not. A glass of very nice red wine was just placed in front of me by my dear husband, so I guess that should tell me something: my whining is ever-so-much more tolerable after I've had a few glasses of wine. Or not.

My spelling is definitely worse.

I think that means I need to stop blogging now and go back to the NaNo novel and finish it. Should be interesting reading in a month or two, or ten. 

Peace, and have a glass of wine :)

Jo Taylor

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