Friday, April 16, 2010

Loved the Responses!

I have to say I loved the varied responses I got from posting that poem. Y'all are very nice. Even though there are only a few written comments, lots of people told me they read it. 

In case anyone finds it interesting, the way I came up with that poem was a prompt in a writing group I'm in that included the challenge to use certain words in a poem. The one's I remember off the top of my head were:


There were a total of ten we had to use, and the list of words brought immediately the image of a young lady stepping off a building. Beyond that, I have NO IDEA why that came to me. 

When I decided to enter the contest, I had to weigh whether I would send in the poem I liked best, or send the one that is a bit brave, different, has a bigger impact. What will people think if I wrote about a girl jumping off a building? Obviously, I went with go big or go home.

For those who were concerned or think they might not read the rest of my stuff if I always write DEPRESSING things, I give you a more typical poetical offering from me. This is the one I liked best. Tomorrow, I'll post one of my short stories. I can do that . . . publish myself right here . . . because it's my blog . . . and I'll write if I want to. :)

Fire's Censure

She gathers twigs in nearby wood,
selecting only dry and good
sweet-smelling apple for the fire -
near to the place of her retire, long understood

as adversary to the cold.
Used all throughout the days of old,
the warmth and dancing flames instead
inspire stories - lovers wed with bands of gold.

She weaves a tale to no one there
of love and loss - all from the stare
into the flames. She spies reprieve
from deepest woe upon the eve of love's despair.

She wakes to find the embers died,
no memory if lovers lied,
the prose is gone on smoky thread,
the flame put out by words of dread, a tale denied. 

Jo Taylor

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