Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Morning

"Good Morning, Vietnam!"

I don't know why I woke up to one of Robin Williams' screen personae bellowing in my ear, but I did. Figuratively, of course.

I think it's because today is the first day of fall and for the life of me I cannot come up with an expression that is well known for acknowledging the seasons. We acknowledge holidays - usually with "Happy something-or-other," when holidays are notorious for not always being happy times. But we don't really acknowledge the changing of seasons, and I wondered why.

Perhaps it's because, while there is a date and time for the season to change, our realization that it's changed comes with the weather or our schedules, and those don't line up with the scientific definition of season.

Is fall when school starts? August 30: "Happy Fall!"

Does it come when the weather turns and the leaves change color? In California that's Novemberish: "Happy Fall!"

What about people who live somewhere else like Maryland, or Australia?  Pick random day: "Happy Fall!"

So, I see the challenge of acknowledging a season - it isn't always the same day. Also, some people don't like one season or the other, so a "Happy" exultation might not be true for them. I still think the seasons are important enough to be heralded though.

What to do . . .

We could make a national Candy Corn day (I swear I don't know why I love them so, but I do), and then that would announce Fall. For Winter it could be those peppermint patties, Spring would be "Peeps Day," of course (although I'm not fond of those really), and summer would be - tah dah - "Ice Cream Day :)" (with the silly smile face and everything!).

Have you noticed a food theme here?

Fall means oatmeal for breakfast and a big cup of coffee. I wonder what they eat for breakfast in Vietnam?


Jo Taylor

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  1. Fall is definitely here! The off shore winds have cleared out the fog in Morro Bay! It is 70 degrees and amazing. You should come over the hill and get some writing inspiration!