Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Dance!

Oh my gosh, I got a lot done today. House clean, husband home, kid watching end-of-the-world shows on the History Channel - it's all about me. I reviewed two stories for one writing web site and four for another. I finished, polished to the shiniest shine I possibly can, my latest short. I sent out an old short that I rewrote (again). I got Margaret's Story (the working title is Margaret of Thibodeaux) formatted to submit to a Manuscript Critique. Someone, hopefully someone who knows how to critique, will look at the first ten pages.

I really, really, really want honest and blunt critiques. I am gracious in my replies. Most people are too nice. I can't help it, they like me :)

It helps me to do critiques for other writers. It lets me put their comments into the correct place. I can usually tell if someone is intentionally being mean, and I rarely see it. I know it isn't because my writing is so stellar. I think it is pretty good, but I still have lots to learn. Today, I actually had to put aside a review on a piece I thought was pretty good. The reviewer had lots of criticism, some of which I agreed with immediately. Some of what they said, I didn't like so much. I am a bit emotionally attached to my stuff, so I've put it in the drawer for overnight marinade.

I hope I can take what they have to say, no matter what it is, and apply it to my story to make it better. That's all I want. I'm finding out that it has less to do with what the reviewer says, and much more to do with the way I take it. I resolve to take it like a girl.

Whatever that means. Maybe it should be "take it like a writer - girl." Little did I know when I started writing that sometimes "character building" wouldn't mean those people on the page.

Jo Taylor

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