Thursday, January 14, 2010


Since my new job will involve lots and lots of data, I thought I would get into the swing with a little data of my own.

About my writing . . .

Never fear, I will not share work or life data here. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Anyway. The new revision process I am using had me go through my manuscript (MS) and write down things that are not right for various reasons. The data that came out of this exercise was interesting. I think its interesting although I may lose many of you right about now. now. now.

My MS is 191 pages. I have 17 pages of things that are not right. That makes about 9% of my MS. I'm really pretty happy with that. I went into it thinking at least half of what I wrote back in the fog of November would be complete dredge. So, with a fear of 50% to do over, 9% is rather spiffy.

Loving words as I do, over the years I've attached certain words I find interesting to facts and data that just seem to hang around in my head, useless, until I have my very own blog and I can write what I want. Here are some of my favorite words and their data.

Humans and armadillos are the only animals who can get leprosy. I'm not sure what this says about humans or armadillos, but leprosy is a very cool word.

The indentation in the bottom of a wine bottle is called the "punt."

A sixty-fourth note is writen out as a hemidemisemiquaver.

Antidisestablishmentarianism used to be the longest word in the dictionary when I was in second grade. Oh wait, it still is! Either I am younger than I previously thought, or the wordsmiths of the world have been on vacation. Get to work people! We need more long words!

Speaking of getting to work, that is what I should be doing. Homework, work-work, housework, writing-work. . . I think blogging needs a more serious nomenclature to represent the effort involved. How about Blork (pronounced Blerk). Blogging-work. Or perhaps I just need another nap.

Jo Taylor


  1. I love this!

    You are right, the 64th note word is quite fun. I would say it outloud if I wouldn't totally startle my super aware ninja-alert sleeping roommate. Verbalizing things in my head will have to do for now. Mmmm.

    It think you'll do great at your new job. You process data quite well!

    Your are busier than I, but let me know if some catch up time comes your way. Mid-days always work best for me (except on Tuesdays and Sundays). Note: use 'always' more sparingly.

    God bless you dear friend.

  2. Antidisestablishmentarianism - I love the way it rolls of the tongue and remember learning it in 7th grade and thinking I was so smart when I told everyone it was the longest word in the dictionary.

    Loving words like you do, I always love learning a new one and I had never heard hemidemisemiquaver before, so thanks for sharing that.

    Thanks for sharing this revision process idea. Always looking for things to help with my writing as well.

    Hope all is well with you

  3. hi jo
    i love the literary angle to your blog - i love to read, and am a writer of sorts too, so it speaks to me. i particularly enjoyed this post about words. i laughed at the idea of using 'punt' in my own writing - it's one of those words that you could use to beautifully describe something, but no-one else would know what it meant, so you'd end up with a rather clumsy sentence, explaining yourself! and well done for adding the "blogs you read list" - some of which i can see i must visit too! you seem to be really up and running, thanks, and mazeltov!