Thursday, January 7, 2010

Direction and Focus

I know I said I would post a few resolutions in the new year, but I think we are all bored with that already. Nothing major to change, so no hoopla about changing it. Instead, I've had a little lesson recently in direction and focus and how they are not exactly the same.

I stumbled upon a program by a writer about how to go about revising a novel systematically. I love systems. Give me a structure to work in and I am a-okay. Finding this so-far-very-good system when I am starting the FIRST revision of my FIRST novel may save me decades of wandering in the "working on my novel" labryinth. 

What I've learned in this very short time is that I can be incredibly focused, yet have no clear direction or desired end result. If I have a clear direction, then I can focus on the details as they come into view. I never thought of writing in these terms before and it feels a bit like a revelation. Perhaps not so much for the creative, writing part of writing, but definitely for the revising part of writing which takes eons longer.

All that time saving and being efficient is very important to me for the next few months as I finish up with my Bachelor's Degree, revise the novel, and start a new job. I have clear ideas of the general direction for these components of my life and hopefully, with that in place, I can switch my focus back and forth without losing my way.

Jo Taylor


  1. Good luck with your first rewrite, Jo!

  2. Hi Leslie!

    Thanks for the good wishes. So far, I'm making great progress.