Thursday, January 27, 2011

Being in Two Places At Once

Lots of people accept the futility of being in two places at once. I thought of this today as I was working a few hours at one of my jobs and a few hours at the other. It would be much more efficient to be in both places at the same time.


Or not.

One of my favorite books is "The Fabric of the Cosmos" by Brian Greene (whom I would love, love, love to meet someday). It's a book about theoretical physics and how our knowledge of the universe is evolving. Space and time are not (it is theorized) what we thought them to be. One of the most startling ideas is that you could be in two places at once. They've actually proven this part of the theory on the atomic level. How is that not common and awe-inspiring knowledge?

I cannot do any of the ideas justice as far as explaining them. I have to read and re-read them to really get it, and then read it again. But to me, it is completely worth the effort. It is challenging and interesting and satisfies my desire to learn. If you are interested, the book can be found here

String theory and quantum physics are made interesting and accessible by Dr. Greene, and for that I am truly grateful. The idea of multiple, parallel universes is not just an excuse for the odd things that happen in life. At some levels, it makes the odd things make sense.

It also makes me laugh to realize almost everything I've ever thought to be impossible - isn't.

And I think that is a very inspiring idea.


Jo Taylor

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