Monday, January 24, 2011


Encouragement seems to surround me these days.

At work, those who know I have a new job and am still trying to do the old one too have said, "You can do it." The nurses and docs have said as much about my learning case management, and as for my writing - well, my writing partner has given me renewed enthusiasm for working on Road Clothes even as busy as I am.

For all this I am grateful.

This recognition of encouragement sent my way has made me consider all the people in my life who assist me, often unnoticed or underappreciated. People who do jobs that make my job easier, people who are my friends and family who let me work long hours and talk about my characters ad nauseum, and people who make me laugh (like all these people), are indispensible.  I couldn't do my work, be a somewhat normal human being, and write if not for all the assistance and encouragement I get. I think most of us are like this.

But how often do we thank those who make what we do possible? I don't know if I do it enough, but along with my renewed interest in revising my novel I have renewed enthusiasm for appreciating those who help me.

That would be you. Reading this helps me. I know the connection may sound tenuous, but a writer is just a writer if no one reads the words. A writer communicates if someone reads them. The entire reason I write is to communicate. I talked about this in a previous post, and time has not revealed any other reason to me. I don't write to be famous or rich (which is a good thing because fame is not happening anytime soon and I am already rich beyond measure if the definition is having all that I need). But I do so like to communicate.

I think that's why my new job will suit me well. It is all about communicating. And communicating. And communicating. Did I mention the increase in the amount of communication I am doing? Just checking.

So, thank you for reading and for being my co-worker, friend, family and encourager. It is much appreciated.


Jo Taylor


  1. This is so beautiful...Like you.
    I thought of you yesterday and wished I had e-mailed to tell you. There was a single shoe--like a small child's--on the bank sidewalk. I wondered if the mother was going nuts searching for it, and then I remembered Road Clothes and laughed to myself, because, man, what a great story idea! I hope to someday read it. :D big hugs, L

  2. Jo

    You're blogs are always so insightful and I enjoy reading them - even though I may not always comment.

    Just wanted you to know and keep up the great writing. Personally, I think your writing deserves the recognition of fame and fortune.

    Hugs to you my friend


  3. Dear Laura -

    Thank you so much for letting me know that Road Clothes came to mind in such a random way - now that's encouraging! I'm working on it, slowly, oh so slowly, but you will read it someday.

    Big hugs right back my dear,


  4. Hi Margaret -

    So happy you stopped by and left your encouraging words. (OK, I'm done now - won't use encouraging anymore - it's getting annoying)

    But it is true. I think that's what bonds us writers is the ability to make such a few words count for so much.

    And hugs to you as well dear,