Monday, April 7, 2014

Order of Life

God, self, family, friends, work.

The order of life has gotten jumbled for me on many occasions but I find the simple list most helpful in keeping things from listing to port and ultimately sinking the ship. That would be bad.

In the last few years, the only thing that has changed is WORK, but it changed so dramatically that it threatened to literally drag me down - suffocate me with demands that I could never live up to.

I wanted to be good at it and to make a difference. I think I was good at it but sometimes the difference you attempt to make is not the one that is appreciated, or needed, or right for the particular situation.

I can't do the things I know how to do any differently, so I chose to stop doing it. Work that is.

I'm not completely unemployed. I do chart reviews from my home office and I can listed to music and have a beer if I want (just one though) while working - try THAT at the hospital. You would soon be not-working too.

The fabulous side effect of stopping working is that I have time to write again. Hallelujah! Time to dust off the two novels and get them revised and rewritten and send-out-able. It's gonna take a while. Time away from writing can give you fresh perspective and renewed energy, or it can make you rusty and sophomoric until you find your voice again.

Bets? I bet I am rusty. But I will plow through word after word, page after page if that's what it takes to get the edge back. I've recently been told that I am not a good communicator. Ouch. Those are harsh words for a writer. I don't necessarily agree with that person though. I think I'm a great communicator. So there.

As you can read for yourself, I have some work to do on my persuasive arguments.

For those who know me personally, I am happy and ready for whatever life throws at me now. It's been a long few years and time with my family is something I will not put behind other demands. God, self, family, friends, work. They will stay in that order from now on. Or at least more closely in that order than I have been able to keep them.




  1. Glad you are back at writing, no doubt you are missed at the hospital. I find it refreshing to on occasion, run into someone who quits or changes their job for the right reasons. Jobs can be such an enticing way to find validation with others or an ego thing. Letting that go can be very freeing.

  2. Freeing it is. I have to be careful that it doesn't come across as bragging though. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.