Saturday, April 5, 2014

Goodnight Daddy

"Goodnight Daddy."

How many of you remember the last words you've said to someone? In a life filled with words, sometimes the simplest ones get forgotten.

My father died in the early morning hours of January 20, 2013. I left him with these last words and he left me with a little empty space.

Goodnight Daddy.

That's partly the reason why my last post was January 1, 2013. Other reasons include a way busy life and hellacious busy job but both of those things calmed down when I quit my job in October. It's April and I'm just now starting to write again.

I think I was recovering from death and overwork. Or maybe I was just being lazy. I haven't been lazy too many times in my life, so even if it was that  . . . so be it.

The first step in starting to write again was actually putting my butt in the chair and producing something. Caca at first. Luckily, writing is like riding a bike and most of the important skills came back quickly.

The terrifying part is the place I stopped was the dreaded revision stage. I have tons of stuff written and starting something new is joyous. But oh, that fixing of things so that someone can read and enjoy is not the easiest component of writing for me.

Now I need to practice writing and revision every day. Just like a job. Because it actually is work.

"Just do it." Nike is pretty smart. There really isn't any other way to get it done.

Step two was telling people I was writing again. There's no going back after that and this post serves the purpose in publicly committing to being a writer again.

Life is good and I am so blessed to be able to work part time from home (actually, I work when I feel like it which is about 60 hours a month instead of 60 hours per week - bonus!). Writing now has a space in my life again and that makes me happy.

Oh, and I have the best husband ever who, in these crazy economic times, said he fully supported me leaving my very good job because I needed too. He's the bomb. I'll have to make sure that the characters based on him are always the hero.

Love you Kevin!



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