Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Inspiration

Went to the movies today with my son. He wanted to see this movie called Julie & Julia. I've been in outer space or something because I had no idea what it was about or who was in it. No less than Meryl Steep and Amy Adams in a movie about - writers!

It was my lucky day. Great movie, interesting story, done in a new way by the great Nora Ephron. I won't spoil it for you by saying that it combines Julia Child's story and the story of a blogger. I felt a little like they were speaking to me. And I was inspired by the thought that I would really like to do something interesting in the way of writing. Not necessarily a best seller, but something that in this day and age of information overload, someone may think what I write is new and interesting. It's a modest goal.

These stories are great inspiration for doing good work. They tell me recording the process of writing a book, while not original, may help me in the future, and hopefully someone else. That is, if anyone ever ends up reading. I will write as if they do. Or, I'll read it six or seven years from now with a different perspective. I don't know what that perspective will be, but it will be different from how I see things now.

I have lots of class work due in the next week or so, but I'll make it a habit to log in and blog.

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