Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Long Road to Being Published

I started writing in December of 2008. The idea for Margaret's story came up as I was working on a short story for a writing contest. Not a big contest, mostly a writing exercise that gets posted and competes against ten other stories. By now, August of 2009, I have a portfolio of about fifty short stories. Most okay, some pretty good, and at least one that is very good. Good enough to almost get published.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the one that is very good was the first story I wrote. The first. It got an honorable mention for Glimmer Train in February 2009. At the time I sent it in, since it was the first thing I wrote, I had no idea if it was any good, AND I had no idea that Glimmer Train is kind of a big deal.

Now I know. I don't know whether to take the honor as signs of bigger things to come, or as notice that I've already passed my peak. I choose the former. I would really like to be published. First, I need to write something good.

Here's the link with my name, Jo Taylor, as proof. Just because it's cool (I think).

The email I received with this link said I could post it on my blog. I didn't have one then, but it was part of the prodding I found everywhere to start this up. Like a sissy, I'm doing it under a character's identity, but I've already explained why. I've gotten more brave (braver?) lately, so I'll be changing the profile to accurately depict what I'm doing here now, now that I have a clue myself.

What I'm doing is using the blog as a way to let characters speak for themselves: As an exercise in finding voice and developing character. Right now it is just the characters in Margaret's Story, but I can see how this may be useful in working with other characters. Besides, I will have a one stop area for reference. Where's that list I made about the things Margaret likes? Oh yeah, right here. No more boxes of dead trees with black ink.

So even if this is not interesting to anyone but me, it has its purpose and I intend to use it fully, on the long road to being published.

Jo Taylor

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