Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Good Grief!

Can it really be 12 days since I last posted something? I'm afraid it can, and it has been. But I have a great excuse. I've been vacationing. Really. We went camping and everything. I have the bug bites to prove it. You may not see them though, those little critters can get into the oddest places . . .

I gave up. Flat gave up trying to do the Book in a Month (BiaM) thing this time. Bad planning on my part. I think that type of hard time in the chair in front of the computer will work for me at some level. I just have to excuse myself sometimes from the silly, unrealistic goals we all make. Lose 20 pounds, start exercising, swear less. You know, THOSE kinds of things which, while nice and worthwhile, are not a big priority when the carousel of life speeds up and threatens to toss you in the dirt. Hanging on becomes a BIG priority.

I've been hanging on nicely, the spinning is slowing to the point where I can gracefully dismount my colored pony (well, okay, I'm not that graceful). Now to just keep going.

Margaret's story is coming along nicely and I've gotten good feedback and encouragement from a wonderful teacher, Dalia, at Gotham Writer's Workshop. I haven't shown the story to many other folks because unlike the short stories I write to improve my craft, I don't want input on this very special story. I will be my first of many novels and it may never get published. But it will be completely my work, my craft.

As I said, I've been writing short stories, about 50 of them so far, to learn to write. I have 4 other novels started, so I have no problem with finding something to work on. I have University classes (only 8 more!) to complete a Bachelor's Degree in English.

All this means I need to prioritize. Real school first, then Margaret's story, followed by stories. I still have lots to learn. The blog is fun, but not the thing I think about most. It is the place to put all these various and sundry thoughts together for quick retrieval when I'm standing in the house saying to myself "what was I supposed to be doing?"

Onward. I'll try to get Honey to show up more. My son has decided that she is his favorite character. Mine is still Margaret.

Margaret's Mom

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