Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Different Voice

I've noticed (we've noticed) that most of our posts sound the same. Same voice, perhaps a little bit of different thought content, but basically Mom's voice most of the time.

Three different people are supposed to be represented here, Margaret, Honey, and Margaret's Mom. The fact that Margaret and Honey are made up characters, and Margaret's Mom is their author shouldn't change the fact that it should be obvious who is writing. It shouldn't have to be signed Honey or Margaret for you, the reader, to know which one it is.

I'm striving for original voice: the kind where you don't need dialog tags to know who is talking. I wonder how long that will take to develop? Margaret's Mom's voice? Very simple - Me.

Margaret and Honey? Me also, but Margaret is going to head more toward the Ego of me and Honey will be more the Super Ego of me. Yes, there is an Id, in the form of Robert, the naughty neighbor boy (of course the boy has to be the naughty one!).

You would think characters that start out with such clear ideas would immediately sound different. I can hear their voices - very different - in my head when I'm writing. BUT . . . I read them later on the page and they sound too similar.

At least I've identified something to work on.

I've also chosen this particular novel to tackle as a "Novel in a Month" project. That means August 1, 2009 to August 31, 2009, I will be writing this story to finish the first draft manuscript. No more dinking around. I know the story, or at least I know most of it. I just need to get it onto paper.

Wish me luck. Keep me on track.

Margaret's Mom

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