Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is a SuperEgo character boring?

I think Margaret's Mom has said before in this blog that I am her, but a little bit more on the Super Ego end than the real her. Does that make sense? I am ethical and committed, more so than other girls my age, but sometimes I wonder if I am boring.

Girls tend to like bad boys because they are exciting. Why don't people think that good people are interesting too? What does that say about us?

Given the option of doing right or wrong, I will pick right every time. I want to be that way. I am compelled. It is my nature. There really are other people like this, I've met them. They are not so common that you run into them everyday though.

In order to tell our story the way it really happened, I want Margaret's Mom to show how good people can be. Do you find that boring? I find it inspiring. I would surround myself with people like that if I could.

Margaret is my best friend. She sees the world so much more sharply than I do. I prefer the outlines to be hazy and my movements to be slow like a river running to nowhere.

We drew angel outlines in chalk most every summer day, and Margaret never complained once. I just like angles and she thinks they are okay, but bless her, she always drew at least one or two to make me happy. I wish I could make her happy. She seems troubled all the time. One way to make her happy is chocolate. Hershey bars make the world go round.


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