Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm Honey,

Nice to meet the two or three folks who stumble through here by accident. I'm Margaret's best friend and I help keep her on the straight and narrow path that leads away from trouble. She's always listing to port and heading right at it.

Margaret is busy today being grounded in her room. She usually counts the floor tiles or reads a book, right now she's reading How to be a Nonconformist.

Her mom has a paper due for an English class and needs to spend time reading and writing. She's trying to finish Native Son so she can answer some questions about the book and not look like an idiot. She doesn't much like looking like an idiot.

I have plenty of time to do anything I want. It's summer. Time for watermelon and running through the sprinklers, fireflies on hot nights and sleeping out in the backyard until the mosquitoes drive us inside. Let's see, today is a Thursday, so that means . . . nothing. Mama wants me to help her paint the kitchen, but I think I'll sneak out the back door and walk over to Margarets house - it's only 3 blocks away. I'll let you know if we figure out something fun to do.


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